Connect the missing dots between reader and journalism.

Atomo targets readers that never go beyond the paywall. With an average Paid Stop Conversion Rate (PSCR) of 0.5–1.0%, that means a potential 99.0–99.5% of the users being turned into hot prospects.
Atomo is a service for publishers to sell standalone articles, gather invaluable insights and grow their subscription base. Atomo enables readers to purchase and read standalone articles from different newspapers and magazines all in one application, helping publishers understand how to accelerate conversion rates.

No expenses. No hassle. Low risk – high gain.

A single line of code is all you need to get up and running with Atomo – and start growing your subscription base. Atomo complements your paywall. It targets users who never go beyond the paywall, turning them from cold leads to hot prospects.

Turn your cold leads into hot prospects

Atomo gives the reader the possibility to download and read their purchased articles, while you have the opportunity to turn one time readers into full time subscribers.

Gather invaluable insights and expand your sales funnel.

With Atomo you get all the data you need to expand your sales funnel. Monitor single user behaviours, monitor profit per article and get an overview of article trends to better tailor subscription offers for your readers.
Sounds pretty nice right?
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